setting the standard.

From fashion icons to fitness experts, there is one common thread uniting them all, battle tested resilience and demonstrated leadership.

Our lineup showcases genuine individuals who have created an authentic following, serving as a source of inspiration and influence for others to follow.

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emotional trauma release


Jacqueline is a skilled bodywork practitioner specializing in addressing physical and emotional trauma stored in the body's fascia. With expertise in bodybuilding, ergonomics, massage therapy, spiritual healing, and traditional Chinese medicine, she offers holistic relief from pain, exhaustion, and immune system dysfunctions. Her multidimensional approach focuses on healing root causes, empowering clients to achieve optimal health through the mind-body connection.

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health & wellness advocate

Keishna Thompson

Meet Keishna Thompson-Hamilton, a fearless UC Berkeley graduate, entrepreneur, and mid-life influencer empowering generations. She inspires and empowers others by sharing her journey of overcoming challenges and embracing resilience. As a health and wellness advocate, she believes everyone can achieve optimal health and happiness.

Join Keishna in redefining life to the fullest, prioritizing self-care, and unlocking your full potential.

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burn survivor

Tonya Meisenbach

Tonya, also known as Burned Beauty 2018, is an inspiring luminary from Atlanta, Georgia. Her story of rising from the ashes represents hope, redemption, and transformation. Through her social media platform, she empowers and inspires thousands daily. Tonya, a former Paralegal and Realtor, now uses hair, makeup, tutorials, and social media to inspire burn victims in their recovery. Her journey has touched many lives and encouraged others to overcome obstacles and find success. She continues to be a warrior, using her past experiences to help others rise above their pain.

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content creator

Sanaa Wagner

Meet Sanaa, a stay-at-home mom turned captivating social media influencer. From engaging DIY projects to heartfelt narratives on interracial marriage, toxic family dynamics, and more, she uses her genuine voice to connect with others, providing solace and reminding them they're not alone.

Join her journey of motherhood, fashion, and empowerment.

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CBD Advocate

David Hafsteinson

Meet David Hafsteinsson, a professional skateboarder and passionate CBD advocate. After overcoming opioid addiction, David discovered the transformative power of CBD. Now, as the founder of Canna Hemp X, he provides THC-free CBD products for the skateboarding community. Teaming up with Tony Hawk, David aims to educate and inspire younger audiences about the non-intoxicating benefits of CBD.

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Young stroke survivor

Madeline Niebanck

Georgetown University alum Maddi Niebanck's incredible story of resilience and strength shines through. Despite facing a life-altering moment just after graduation, she defied the odds and turned adversity into inspiration. Today, as an author and advocate, she shares the importance of embracing a "fully recovered mindset." Her remarkable recovery journey resonates with the global brain injury community, showcasing the power of mindset in overcoming life's challenges.

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Jen Fogelson

Meet Jen, the Preppy Francophile! Originally from Boston but raised in Virginia, she embodies classic preppy style while supporting local businesses. Jen cares for rescue cats and fosters elderly felines, all while living her dream in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. Nantucket and the enchanting Sconset hold a special place in her heart.

Join Jen on her journey of fashion, decor, gastronomy, travel, and personal wellness.

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Pro strongwoman

Brittany Diamond

Meet Brittany Diamond, an eminent fitness model based in the USA. As a professional powerlifting competitor, nutritionist, remote coach, and fitness model, she exemplifies the profound influence of strength on the mind, body, and spirit through BDimez Training. In a world often plagued by negativity and unqualified "experts," Brittany stays true to herself, committed to offering top-notch training, nutrition, and competition support to those she serves.

Join her on this transformative journey towards fitness and holistic well-being.

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Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Koya Webb

Koya Webb, a celebrated yoga teacher and author, passionately promotes self-care, unity, and environmental harmony. Through The Get Loved Up Community, she empowers individuals to cultivate their well-being with a wide range of resources, including memberships, courses, and retreats. With over 15 years of experience and numerous certifications, Koya aspires to make a profound and positive impact in people's lives.

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Content Creator

Alfred Taveras

A mental wellness navigator, shares his transformative journey of self-improvement. Through social media, he inspires and empowers others to overcome mental and emotional hurdles, advocating for a holistic lifestyle and the importance of mental wellness. With a passion for mindfulness, exercise, and nurturing connections, Alfred offers tips and resources for optimal mental well-being.

Join him on the path to resilience, a healthier mindset, and a fulfilled life.

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