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How a Pro Skateboarder Turned CBD Advocate is Changing the Game

Meet David Hafsteinsson, a pro skateboarder and vocal CBD advocate. He's experienced the dark side of opioid addiction firsthand, having been prescribed Codeine for a skateboarding injury at a young age. CBD changed everything for him after a severe gallbladder inflammation incident. Now, he's the founder of Canna Hemp X, providing THC-free CBD products for the skateboarding community. Partnering with Tony Hawk, David educates about CBD's non-intoxicating benefits, aiming to be a positive influence, especially for younger audiences. David's journey from being a pro skateboarder to a passionate CBD advocate is truly inspiring. Having personally experienced the negative effects of opioid addiction, he found solace in CBD after a gallbladder inflammation incident. Through his company, Canna Hemp X, and with the support of legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, David aims to spread awareness about CBD's non-intoxicating benefits, ultimately becoming a positive role model for the younger generation.
David's journey from opioid addiction to CBD advocacy is not just inspiring but also informative. Through Canna Hemp X, he hopes to provide pain relief to individuals while educating them about a safer and healthier alternative to opioids. By partnering with Tony Hawk, he aims to destigmatize the use of CBD and make it more accessible to younger athletes. With their shared passion for skateboarding and a common goal of promoting CBD as a safer alternative to opioids, David and Tony Hawk make a formidable team. Together, they are using their platform to raise awareness and destigmatize the use of CBD among younger athletes. By sharing David's personal journey and the benefits of THC-free CBD products, they hope to change the game and empower individuals to make informed choices for pain relief.