When Questions Are Asked

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Size 8" X 10"
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"When Questions Are Asked" is an evocative portrayal of the transformative impact that inquiry and perception can have on our sense of reality. This piece features a figure in a moment of profound self-reflection, disrupted by an unexpected element that challenges the comfort of the known, prompting a reevaluation of personal truths.

The figure, depicted in a moment of stillness, is starkly contrasted by a bold intrusion that slices through the canvas, representing the sharp clarity that questioning can bring to our lives. The artwork captures the visceral response to the deep questions that probe our perceptions and often reshape our understanding of reality.

A subdued palette of blues and greys envelops the figure, symbolizing the often murky waters of self-reflection, while the striking white of the piercing element suggests the flash of insight that questions can ignite. The colors speak to the complexity of reconciling the world within us with the world around us.

The title "When Questions Are Asked" underscores the pivotal moments of self-discovery and the uncomfortable journey towards accepting that perception can indeed manifest as reality. It symbolizes the courage to face the profound, sometimes disconcerting, truths that surface when we dare to question our longstanding beliefs.

This piece resonates with the unsettling, yet necessary, emotions of introspection—the apprehension of challenging our perceptions, the discomfort of uncertainty, and the eventual enlightenment that questioning can yield. It is a visual testament to the human spirit's capacity to confront the profound, to grapple with the intangible, and to grow beyond the confines of unexamined truths.