We Need to Look for Signs

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Size 8" X 10"
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Titled "We Need to Look for Signs," this piece speaks to the soul's cry for connection amongst the chaos of ambition. It portrays a solitary figure, uplifted by ethereal wings, against a backdrop of clouds—a visual metaphor for the internal struggle between personal ascent and the need for communal warmth.

The composition utilizes a stark contrast of black and white to draw attention to the subject, encapsulating a moment of introspective ascent. The technique blends fluidity with defined edges, capturing the ephemeral balance between human vulnerability and the strength found in seeking help. A unique characteristic of the artwork is its dynamic texture, which gives life to the emotional turbulence depicted.

The monochromatic palette serves to strip away the distractions of the world, focusing the viewer on the raw emotion of the scene. The use of black and white amplifies the message that amidst our pursuit of 'better,' we must not lose sight of the humanity that binds us.

This piece is a poignant reminder of the omnipresent signs of our need for love and belonging. The figure's upward gaze and the outstretched wings suggest a yearning for more than just material success—echoing our collective quest for acknowledgment and support within our communities and families.

"We Need to Look for Signs" encapsulates a spectrum of emotions from isolation to the faint whispers of hope. It resonates with the viewer on a visceral level, urging us to pause, reach out, and foster love, so we are not left with the regret of an early farewell. The artwork is a call to action to embrace every opportunity to connect, to offer a simple 'hello,' a caring inquiry, or a heartfelt call—a testament to the power of communal love in the face of life's storms.