The New Normal

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Size 8" X 10"
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"The New Normal" is a heartrending representation of a family's journey through grief and adaptation to life's altered reality after a profound loss. The artwork poignantly depicts a father and two children standing hand in hand, their silhouettes etched against a backdrop that transitions from darkness to light. On the opposing side rests a gravestone inscribed with the word "MOM", symbolizing the absence of a pivotal figure and the space she leaves behind.

This composition uses stark contrasts and simplified forms to communicate a narrative that is both deeply personal and universally understood. The silhouetted figures are depicted with minimal detail, allowing the viewer to project their own experiences of loss and family onto the scene. The positioning of the characters—between light and shadow, presence and absence—captures the essence of transition within the family dynamic.

The monochromatic palette speaks to the universality of loss, with the use of light and shadow serving as metaphors for life and the void of passing. The starkness of the black and white imagery conveys the clarity of the new reality faced by the family, one where light continues despite the darkness of loss.

The gravestone marked "MOM" is a powerful symbol of the enduring impact of a loved one, whose role and presence continue to resonate even in absence. The hand-holding figures represent the unity and strength that families must find within one another to navigate the landscape of bereavement and the search for a new sense of normalcy.

"The New Normal" evokes the complex emotions of bereavement—solace in togetherness, the weight of absence, and the bittersweet forward march of time. It may stir within the viewer feelings of compassion, solidarity, and a poignant recognition of the resilience that is often called upon in the face of irreplaceable loss.