Stay Away from the Edge

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Size 8" X 10"
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"Stay Away from the Edge" presents a striking visual narrative set against a backdrop of tumultuous clouds and shadows. It features a figure with wings outstretched near the edge of a cliff, embodying a moment of vulnerability and the precipice of significant change or danger.

The artwork's raw and expressive brushwork creates a sense of urgency and movement. The figure's poised stance at the cliff's edge evokes feelings of trepidation and awe. The wings add a mythical quality, suggesting the figure could be a guardian or a being grappling with the choice between flight or stillness.

A monochromatic scheme emphasizes the drama of the scene, with the interplay of light and shadow heightening the sense of an impending decision or risk. The starkness of the figure against the mottled grays of the sky and stone enhances the sense of isolation and contemplation.

The piece may symbolize life's critical moments where one stands at the edge of a decision that could lead to profound change. The wings may represent potential for transcendence or escape, while the rocky cliff might symbolize the often harsh and difficult path that one must navigate with care.

"Stay Away from the Edge" speaks to the human experience of confronting the unknown, the moments of decision when one must balance the risk of action with the safety of inaction. It evokes a feeling of introspection and the internal struggle between the desire to soar and the fear of falling.