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Feeling like therapy is the next step, but not sure if you're quite ready? Dive into Pretherapy's fun box! It's a 6-week plan designed to turn your 'maybes' into 'definitelys' and get you prepped for the big leap.

Every day, for 42 days, you'll get fun and empowering tasks. They're here to help you understand therapy. You'll laugh and learn at the same time!

Our "Humor-Fueled Pretherapy" style makes getting ready for therapy a game. Already, we're seeing that every person who has tried it, loves it!

✔ Helps You Get Ready for Therapy

✔ All Fun, No Boring Stuff

✔ Great for All Therapy-Goers

✔ 42 Days of Empowering Tasks

Inside the box:
1 x Pretherapy Fun Kit
42 x Empowering Tasks
1 x Easy Guide
42-Day Smile-or-Your-Money-Back Guarantee!

Imagine spending over $6,000 and a whole year on therapy sessions. Ouch, right? Well, with our box of giggles, you get all that learning, but it's packed into a super fun 6-week plan and only costs $200! Not only will you save a lot of time and money, you might even find out you don't need as many therapy sessions once you start. Because you'll already know the dos and don'ts of therapy. That's smart, quick, and full of laughs!

Got a therapy session that feels too far away? Pretherapy is here for you now. We'll help you until you get there, one laugh at a time. With Pretherapy, you're not just buying a box. You're getting ready for a happier you!