Come Back

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Size 8" X 10"
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"Come Back" portrays the moment of separation between a mother and child. The image shows a child reaching out towards their mother, who is walking away with her hand extended in an inviting gesture.

The piece is marked by contrast and purposeful brushstrokes, illustrating the turmoil of separation. The mother’s form is in a swirl of shadows, suggesting the emotional storm surrounding the farewell. The child's silhouette stands in relief against the chaos, embodying innocence and the desire for closeness.

The artwork strikes a balance between the tenderness of the moment and the depth of the emotional divide. The use of light and dark creates a push-pull dynamic of the goodbye.

"Come Back" symbolizes the painful process of letting go and the reluctant journey towards independence. The child's outstretched arm and the mother's backward-reaching hand form a connection, highlighting the bond between them and the difficulty of separation.

This print stirs deep emotions of nostalgia, attachment, and the innate longing for maternal protection. It captures the experience of a child's need for their mother and the emotions surrounding a farewell, whether temporary or permanent. The piece resonates with the tension between the necessity of parting and the yearning to stay connected.