Pause and Rewind

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Size 16" X 20"
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"Pause and Rewind" masterfully captures the essence of time's elusiveness. Dominated by the image of an oversized pocket watch, the piece features human figures interacting with this timeless symbol, against a backdrop that intricately blends realism with abstraction.

The artwork is defined by its bold use of lines and shadows, creating a stark contrast between the subjects and the timepiece. The positioning of the figures against the clock's face creates a dynamic interplay, as if they could traverse its boundaries, giving life to the concept of traversing time.

A predominantly dark color scheme is punctuated by the stark whiteness of the clock’s face, which draws the eye and symbolizes the relentless nature of time. The use of shadow and light around the figures imbues the piece with a sense of depth and movement.

In this artwork, the pocket watch transcends its usual role, becoming a powerful symbol of time's pervasive impact on human life. The exaggerated scale of the watch underscores its significance, while the figures' engagement with it embodies humanity's ongoing struggle with time — our efforts to grasp, extend, and often reverse the moments that define us.

"Pause and Rewind" strikes a chord with anyone who has ever longed to turn back time or linger in a precious moment. It evokes a complex interplay of nostalgia, desire, and the acute awareness of time's transient nature. This artwork invites introspection, prompting viewers to reflect on their own relationship with time and the fleeting nature of life's defining experiences.