My Valentine

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Size 8" X 10"
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"My Valentine" is a moving portrayal of solitude and remembrance, set against the backdrop of a day typically celebrated with togetherness. The stark contrasts and the solitary figure cast in shadow tell a story of contemplation and the intimate spaces we keep for those we miss. It's an artwork that resonates deeply with the part of us that continues to cherish the bonds we've had, even in absence.

The simplicity of the scene — a figure at a table with two candles and an empty chair — is striking, evoking the silent conversations we have with those who are no longer present. The table set for two speaks volumes of the memory of a companion, and the still life composition adds a timeless quality to the piece, suggesting that such moments are both fleeting and eternal.

The monochromatic tones are punctuated by the warmth of the candlelight, symbolizing the light of memory that flickers in the heart. The use of shadow and light crafts an atmosphere that is both somber and hopeful, as it captures the essence of reflection and the undying warmth of love.

"My Valentine" goes beyond the immediate connotations of the holiday to explore the depth of ongoing affection. The candles, traditionally symbols of life and passion, here also represent the enduring flame of love that burns beyond physical presence. The empty chair is not just absence, but an invitation to remember, to celebrate, and to love still.

This artwork might evoke a sense of longing, a gentle melancholy for love that was and still is. It might also inspire a quiet gratitude for the love that shaped us, the memories that are treasured, and the unseen presence that still shares our table. For those who have loved and lost, "My Valentine" is a silent ode to the resilience of love and the beauty of remembering.