My Real Reflection

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Size 8" X 10"
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"My Real Reflection" is an introspective piece that invites the viewer into a shadow-filled world where figures of varying statures stand and crouch, presenting a tableau of self-perception and identity. The elongated shadows cast on the wall create a dramatic interplay with the figures, suggesting a contemplation of our true selves versus the versions we present to the world.

The painting's use of exaggerated proportions with the figures and their shadows creates a distorted reality, where the physical form is stretched and skewed, echoing the often warped perception we have of ourselves. The minimalistic approach, devoid of color and excess detail, strips down to the bare essence of self-reflection.

Employing a monochromatic palette, the piece speaks in tones of black, white, and gray, symbolizing the clarity and confusion that come with self-examination. The bold contrasts carve out the figures from the background, each shadow a story of its own, presenting the multifaceted nature of our inner selves.

This artwork may represent the various stages of self-awareness and growth, with each figure symbolizing different states of being or moments of realization. The shadows can be seen as the parts of oneself that are often hidden away or the aspects that are magnified when cast in the light of scrutiny.

There is a palpable feeling of vulnerability and raw exposure in "My Real Reflection." It elicits a sense of somber reflection, a call to confront the parts of us that we may not fully understand or accept. The piece resonates with the courage it takes to face our own complexities and the transformative power of self-acceptance.



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