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Size 8" X 10"
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"Mother" is a powerful and dynamic representation of maternal strength and resilience. The artwork portrays a figure that seems to embody the spirit of motherhood, with flowing lines and forms that suggest both movement and protection. The addition of a sword and shield implies a warrior-like defense, encapsulating the fierce and protective love a mother has for her children.

The figure is depicted with an ethereal quality, as if she is both present and transcendent, capturing the essence of a mother's endless roles. The swirling strokes give the impression of a cape or mantle, hinting at the superhero status often attributed to mothers. The choice of a vertical composition underscores the figure's strength and steadfastness.

A striking contrast is established between the bold black and white hues, symbolizing the clear and powerful presence of a mother's love amidst the chaos of life. The use of deep blues adds a layer of depth and serenity, reflecting the nurturing and calming influence of a mother's embrace.

The sword and shield are traditional symbols of battle, here repurposed to represent the battles a mother fights on behalf of her children—whether they be physical, emotional, or spiritual. The figure's upward gaze and poised stance suggest a readiness to face any challenge, a testament to the protective and guiding force mothers represent.

"Mother" evokes a profound sense of awe and reverence for the role of mothers as life-givers, protectors, and foundational pillars of support. It captures the complexity of maternal love—the gentleness coupled with the fierce courage to guard and guide. This artwork is a tribute to the silent sacrifices and the boundless strength that define motherhood.