Jealousy and Absence

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Size 8" X 10"
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"Jealousy and Absence" is a depiction of the heart's silent battles with desire and the solitude that ensues. This piece portrays a figure, in its simplicity, with a hollow at its core—a representation of the emotional emptiness that jealousy creates.

The painting commands attention with its stark use of contrast—the darkness of the figure against the luminescent background creates a visual echo of the void within. The silhouette is both commanding and vulnerable, a powerful vessel for the exploration of complex inner turmoil.

Utilizing a palette where shadows play with light, "Jealousy and Absence" directs the viewer's gaze to the white abyss at the figure's center. The gradients of grey and the surrounding burst of white around the void highlight the chasm left by unmet desires and the spotlight they cast on our insecurities.

At its core, the artwork reflects on the insatiable human condition, where feelings of lack give rise to envy. The minute figure within the void symbolizes the object of our jealousy, seemingly within reach yet impossibly distant, while the overarching silhouette represents the self, overshadowed by yearning.

This piece captures the duality of jealousy—a longing that isolates and an absence that haunts. It speaks to the viewer of the silent ache for that which others possess and the introspective journey to reconcile with one's own shadows of inadequacy.

"Jealousy and Absence" is more than a painting; it is a meditation on the emotions that define and often confine us, an artistic dialogue about the voids we harbor and the silent echoes they leave in our souls.