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Size 8" X 10"
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"Insomnia" manifests the silent tumult of sleepless nights in a grayscale portrayal. Here, the restless yearnings for slumber are personified in the form of a figure stretched and reaching into the void, embodying the relentless quest for a moment of rest.

The painting is a choreography of chaotic calm, with sweeping brushstrokes that weave a narrative of unrest. It is in the figure's strained reach and the surrounding maelstrom of strokes that we find the essence of insomnia — the relentless desire for a reprieve that remains just out of grasp.

With a palette steeped in shades of grey and the stark absence of color, "Insomnia" captures the dim liminality of predawn hours. The subtle gradations from soft greys to deep blacks mirror the shadows cast by moonlight in a room that offers no solace, enhancing the feeling of depth and desolation.

This piece is a poignant exploration of the mind's inability to find peace. The figure's outstretched hand is not just reaching for sleep but also for relief from the thoughts that churn in the depths of night, a plea for the quietude that comes with rest.

"Insomnia" strikes a chord with those familiar with the night's solitary vigil. It is a reflection of the frustration and exhaustion known to the wakeful, a canvas that captures the essence of yearning for an escape into the tranquility of unconsciousness.

"Insomnia" is not just an artwork; it is a silent conversation with the viewer, a mirror to the restless soul, and an embodiment of the struggle for rest in the relentless cycle of night.