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Size 8" X 10"
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"Innocence" is a visual piece that captures the theme of silenced expression. The artwork features a face with its eyes and mouth bound, engulfed by a cascade of vibrant red strokes. This image serves as a metaphor for the stifling of voice and vision, a powerful statement on the suppression of the pure and the unspoken.

The composition is dominated by the central figure's obscured face, which is rendered with textured layers of paint that lend a palpable sense of depth and intensity. The bold swathes of red evoke a feeling of urgency and passion, contrasting with the muted tones of the wrapped features to create a striking visual dichotomy.

The fiery reds that dominate the piece convey a sense of alarm and vitality, enveloping the bound face in a wave of emotion. This intense backdrop sets a dramatic stage for the muted visage, which is portrayed in stark whites and greys, highlighting the theme of innocence lost or suppressed.

The constrained facial features symbolize the loss of fundamental human experiences—communication and perception—while the title "Innocence" suggests a state of being that is uncorrupted by such constraints. The artwork may invoke reflections on the innate purity we all possess and the external forces that seek to mute our innermost expressions.

This work evokes a range of emotions, from empathy for the silenced figure to a sense of rebellion against the forces that impose such silence. It is a visual representation of the struggle to maintain innocence and truth in a world that often demands conformity and silence. Viewers may be inspired to think about their own experiences of having their expressions curtailed or witnessing such suppression in the lives of others.