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Size 8" X 10"
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"Infatuation" is an abstract artwork that delves into the multifaceted nature of deep emotional captivation. This piece is characterized by a blue scribble that forms a face, striking in its familiarity yet shrouded in enigma. The tangle of lines portrays the chaotic and intense nature of passionate emotions, capturing the essence of a mind bewitched by infatuation.

The artwork uses chaotic scribbles to both construct and deconstruct the facial image, symbolizing how infatuation can simultaneously build and unravel our sense of self. The bold strokes and looping lines create an intriguing sense of depth and texture, inviting viewers to explore and interpret the myriad of emotions embedded within the facial expression.

The monochromatic use of blue in "Infatuation" is significant. Traditionally associated with depth and stability, the blue here represents the tumultuous and all-consuming nature of infatuation. The varying densities and shades of the lines create a dynamic contrast of light and dark, effectively mirroring the emotional rollercoaster often experienced in the throes of passionate emotions.

"Infatuation" might be seen as a symbol of the whirlwind of feelings that accompany intense passion, where thoughts become obsessively focused on the object of one's affection. The intertwined lines represent the complexity of tangled thoughts and emotions, highlighting the binding and often overwhelming nature of infatuation.

This artwork evokes the powerful and often overpowering experience of deep infatuation. It captures the disorienting, fervent admiration that can both elevate and unsettle one's emotions. The piece invites viewers to reflect on the profound impact of infatuation and how it can dramatically alter one's perception and emotional state.