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Size 8" X 10"
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"Guilt" confronts the shadowy depths of self-reproach and the harsh self-judgment that often accompanies personal loss and perceived failure. The artwork, dominated by a figure entangled in an internal struggle, encapsulates the agonizing grip of guilt over not meeting expectations, whether one's own or those of others, and the anguish of perceived shortcomings and detrimental choices.

The piece is marked by a dramatic interplay of light and dark, creating a stark visual metaphor for the internal conflict guilt engenders. The abstract nature of the figure, twisted in a posture that suggests both a plea and a recoil, portrays the complex dance of facing one's demons and the desire to escape them. The use of bold strokes and the raw, almost unfinished quality of the artwork intensify the emotional turmoil conveyed.

A limited palette imbues "Guilt" with a haunting resonance; deep purples and blacks mingle with stark whites, highlighting the turmoil within. The use of color accentuates the emotional intensity, with the red around the figure's head drawing attention to the mental anguish that guilt can inflict.

This piece is a visceral representation of the various facets of guilt—the heartache of lost opportunities to provide or protect, the chains of addiction, and the remorse over choices that led one down a wayward path. It symbolizes the heavy burden that guilt places on the human psyche, often portrayed as an almost physical weight upon the shoulders.

The artwork vividly captures the isolating and consuming nature of guilt. The contorted form and expressive lines evoke a sense of frantic energy, the kind that comes from an internal battle with regret and self-criticism. It's an evocative representation of the struggle to forgive oneself, resonating with anyone who has ever felt the sting of guilt's unforgiving nature.



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