Falling Apart

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Size 8" X 10"
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"Falling Apart" captures the tension between clinging to the past and embracing new possibilities. The focal character, whose body melts into a misty halo, stands before a glowing full moon, symbolizing the ever-changing nature of life and existence. This powerful visual reimagines the age-old struggle of letting go and finding our place in an ever-changing world. The unique design of "Falling Apart" captures this sentiment with a beautiful blend of elegance and emotion.

The piece is defined by its emotive brushwork, where the figure seems to be unraveling or dissipating into strokes that echo the chaos of emotional disarray. The flowing hair of the figure and the craggy textures around them convey a sense of movement, as if the very essence of the being is being carried away by the wind.

Using a somber palette of dark hues against a lighter, moonlit sky, "Falling Apart" captures the stark reality of internal struggle. The contrast between the solidity of the figure and the encroaching shadows reflects the tension between resistance and surrender.

The image of disintegration speaks to the inevitable process of change and the sometimes-painful letting go of parts of ourselves. The moon serves as a silent witness to this transformation, reminding us of the natural cycles of waxing and waning, and the ebb and flow that characterize our existence.

This print may stir feelings of vulnerability, melancholy, and contemplation. It resonates with the universal experience of facing moments when life seems to be falling apart, invoking empathy and a deep understanding of the fragility of the human condition.