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Size 40x50 cm / 16x20″
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"Drowning" is an art print that captures the never-ending cycle of emotional stress. The image is of a face with teary eyes, seemingly sinking into a sea of chaotic, dark strokes that express the turmoil of struggle. This striking art print provides a powerful visual representation of the emotive journey we experience when we confront life's challenges. Find comfort in knowing that you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed.

The artwork is defined by its dramatic contrast and intricate detail. The forlorn eyes of the figure are the centerpiece, rendered with a moving clarity. The surrounding strokes mimic the wild, untamed waves of the sea, each line contributing to the overall sensation of turmoil and despair. The detailed curls of hair add a classical touch to the piece, reminiscent of old-world artistry, and symbolize the complexity and entanglement of the emotional state depicted.

Utilizing a monochrome palette, "Drowning" employs the depth of black against the bareness of the white background to emphasize the duplicity of light and darkness within the human psyche. The grayscale tones add to the mood of the artwork, invoking the shadowy, uncertain depths where clarity is sought.

The piece powerfully symbolizes the engulfing wave of emotions that can lead to a feeling of drowning. It's an artistic expression of the psychological battles one may face, especially pertaining to mental health, where the individual feels submerged in the depths of their own mind, struggling for air and light.

The artwork expresses a sense of empathy and connection, striking a chord with those who have experienced the crushing weight of their feelings. It visualizes the silent struggle against the tide of one's inner world, often hidden just beneath the surface of composure.



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