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Size 8" X 10"
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The artwork "Denial" features a hand cloaked in shadowy tones, evoking a sense of hidden and elusive energy. The round canvas symbolizes the cyclical nature of denial, as the hand attempts to grasp at fleeting truths while pushing away anything that challenges our beliefs. Through bold lines and striking imagery, "Denial" captures the ongoing struggle of accepting reality and encourages viewers to confront their doubts with courage.

The art displays a minimalist approach, focusing on the outline of the hand against a backdrop, reminiscent of clouds or mist. This contrast between clarity and vagueness mirrors the psychological space where denial resides. The hand's outlined form is sharp and distinct, which further emphasizes the theme of denial as a clear but isolating human response.

A subdued palette of grays, blacks, and whites contributes to the artwork's thematic depth. The smudges and washes create an ethereal quality, almost as if the hand is emerging from or receding into the fog of consciousness that denial often brings.

"Denial" can be seen as an exploration of the human psyche's capacity to reject uncomfortable truths. The hand itself, often a symbol of agency and action, here seems almost passive or hesitant, enclosing the tension between knowing and refusing to accept.

This piece conveys a quiet, reflective emotion, inviting the viewer into a contemplative state. It speaks to the heart's silent battles with acceptance, the mind's whispers of avoidance, and the soul's search for clarity. The viewers may find themselves reflecting on moments of their denial, the art acting as a mirror to their inner defenses and the truths they choose to hold at a distance.