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Size 8" X 10"
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"Deception" captures the struggle of balancing one's self-perception with the harshness of life. The figure in the artwork appears triumphant, yet their distorted reflection suggests inner turmoil and the hidden truths we hide from others.

The composition is a study in contrasts, skillfully playing with light and shadow to arouse a narrative tension. The figure's muscular definition is depicted with precision, set against a loosely rendered, ethereal background that suggests an undefined space or psychological landscape. The looming shadow introduces an element of surprise, subverting the initial impression of victory or confidence portrayed by the figure.

The palette is rich with varying shades of browns and grays, imparting an ageless quality to the piece. The use of a single-color hue highlights the dramatic interaction between the figure and its shadow, focusing the viewer's attention on the theme and symbolism of the artwork rather than the distractions of a varied color scheme.

The art mines into the duality of the human spirit, side by side the facade of triumph and the concealed, perhaps truer aspects of one's character. It serves as a visual allegory for the facades we maintain and the darker parts of ourselves that we prefer to keep out of sight.

The art print is designed to conjure up introspection and reflection on the concept of authenticity. It confronts the viewer with the discomforting thought that the self-presented to the outside world might not fully coincide with the truth of our inner existence.



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