Chapter 2

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Size 20x25 cm / 8x10″
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Capture the essence of decision and reflection with "Chapter 2", as two silhouettes stand apart, separated by a symbolic tree. This art print presents a canvas of contemplation and divergence, a frozen moment in time where choices lead to untrodden paths.

The silhouettes against the backdrop of a tree create a dynamic contrast that speaks to separation and the complexity of relationships. The tree, with its intricate branches, represents life's intricate web of decisions and the silent witness to their choices.

The scheme is punctuated with the organic tones of the tree, suggesting a return to one's roots amidst life's crossroads. The absence of vibrant color emphasizes the gravity of the moment captured, where every decision leads to significant change.

"Chapter 2" is rich in symbolism, with the tree acting as a metaphor for life's diverging journeys and the silhouettes symbolizing the universal experience of choice and consequence. It reflects the truth that with every decision, a new chapter begins, and not all narratives run parallel.

This artwork summons introspection and the bittersweet nature of growth and change. It acknowledges the solitude that can accompany significant life choices and the courage it takes to face them. It resonates with the viewer's own experiences of parting ways, forging new paths, and the reflection that comes with life's continuous unfolding.



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