Blind Side

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Size 8" X 10"
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The piece "Blind Side" portrays a serene female figure with veiled eyes and a gaze towards the unknown. Through a warm, rich palette, this artwork conveys a sense of peaceful acceptance and contentment towards the unseen.

The piece utilizes a bold, impasto technique, where thick applications of paint create a tactile surface that begs to be touched. The strokes, robust and directional, guide the eye across the form of the figure, whose upward look suggests introspection and trust in the invisible. There's a contrast between the verticality of the paint application and the soft curvature of the figure's posture.

"Blind Side" is drenched in earthy reds, browns, and touches of white, invoking a sense of warmth and vitality. The choice of colors evokes the natural elements, like terra cotta and clay, grounding the figure within the canvas. The interplay of these colors conveys a certain richness and depth, as if reflecting the internal state of the figure.

This piece symbolizes the human experience of facing the unknown without fear, of being content even without sight. The covered eyes of the female figure represent the blindness to the future or to the present external world, while her relaxed demeanor suggests an inner sight or enlightenment that transcends visual perception.

"Blind Side" elicits a contemplative mood, inviting the viewer to consider the balance between external perception and internal vision. It speaks to the calm that comes from inner peace, a contentment that does not rely on external validation. The artwork invites a personal reflection on the times we close our eyes to the world to better understand our thoughts and emotions, fostering a connection with the contentment found within.