Being Her

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Size 8" X 10"
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"Being Her" celebrates the essence of femininity. The artwork features a grounded figure, a silhouette that balances strength and grace. The elongated and flowing form portrays a fluid movement between the various roles she embodies. With the presence of a child figure, her nurturing nature is emphasized, while her poised stance and spear symbolize her inner warrior.

The piece makes a dramatic statement with its use of fluid, sweeping brushstrokes that give life to the female form, creating a sense of movement and vitality. The artist has captured the essence of femininity with a minimalist approach, allowing the viewer to infer the depth of her character from the simplicity of the lines and forms.

A palette of greys and blacks creates a timeless quality, focusing the viewer’s attention on the subject’s form and posture rather than the distractions of color. The subtle use of light and shadow around the figure adds dimension and emphasizes her dynamic nature.

"Being Her" is rich with symbolism, the spear representing her ability to defend and assert herself, while her protective stance over the child signifies care and guardianship. The flowing lines suggest a wind of change or the fluidity with which she adapts to the varying winds of life.

This artwork captures the complexity of emotions associated with womanhood—from the tenderness of a caregiver to the courage of a protector. It conveys a respect for the inherent strength found in the female spirit and the delicate balance of power and gentleness that defines "Being Her." The viewer is invited to recognize and honor the resilience, love, and bravery that women carry and express through their existence.



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