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Size 27x35 cm / 11x14″
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"Annoyance" portrays the emotional toll of widowhood. This piece perfectly captures the dichotomy of the journey, with the woman's face half-obscured by a fiery shadow, representing her inner turmoil, and the other half illuminated, symbolizing her strength and resilience. It reminds us that we can overcome grief with hope and continue to move forward, no matter the challenges we face. A powerful reminder of our inner strength and growth in the face of adversity.

The portrait is a masterclass in emotional contrast, with a fiery explosion of red embodying the raw, burning irritation and the emotional heat of grief. The woman's gaze, directed towards the viewer, is intense and arresting, demanding acknowledgment of her inner turmoil. The bold use of color and brushwork creates a stark division in the composition, embodying the stark shift in identity from partnership to solitude.

A vibrant red dominates one side of the canvas, symbolizing the passionate annoyance and deep-seated anger that can accompany loss. This is juxtaposed against the monochromatic shades on the other side, suggesting the widow's need to maintain composure and the societal expectation to mask one's true feelings.

"Annoyance" delves into the often-overlooked feelings of frustration that can accompany the grieving process, especially within the context of widowhood. It acknowledges the societal pressures that dictate a widow's mourning, often dismissing the complex web of emotions like annoyance, anger, and defiance that can arise.

The artwork serves as a vessel for expressing the less-spoken aspects of grief, giving voice to the annoyance and silent protest against the hand fate has dealt. It also invokes the viewer's empathy, encouraging a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of loss and the strength required to confront the ensuing emotional discord.