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Redefining Life at 53

Meet the Fearless UC Berkeley Grad, Entrepreneur, and Mid-Life Influencer Empowering Generations

She's not your average 53-year-old! A fearless UC Berkeley graduate, trailblazing entrepreneur, mid-life influencer, content creator, brand ambassador, model, pro-Ager, Re-Bloomer, Autoimmune Disease Warrior, proud mother of five, and loving grandmother to four, she's on a mission to inspire and empower others by sharing her own journey. Life may present formidable challenges, but she believes every obstacle is an opportunity for growth. While we all face struggles and moments of defeat, she's here to remind you that a glimmer of hope always exists, even in the darkest times. Let's utilize the tools at our disposal to navigate toward the light on the other side. With a strong belief in the power of resilience, Keishna Thompson-Hamilton encourages others to redefine what it means to live life to the fullest. As she shares her story, she aims to empower and uplift individuals from all generations, proving that age is just a number. By embracing her role as an influencer, she hopes to spark positive change and inspire others to never give up on their dreams.

Keishna Thompson-Hamilton is leading the charge as a health and wellness advocate in Los Angeles. Regardless of age, weight, or physical condition, Keishna believes that everyone can achieve optimal health and happiness. By following her example, you too can live your best life and follow your dreams with renewed vigor and determination. With a wide range of expertise in fitness and nutrition, Keishna offers practical tips and guidance to help individuals make positive lifestyle changes. Her holistic approach emphasizes not only physical well-being, but also mental and emotional well-being. Through her genuine passion and dedication, Keishna continues to inspire others to prioritize self-care and embrace a more fulfilling life.

Keishna's approach to health and wellness is grounded in the belief that true change comes from the inside out. By promoting self-love and a positive mindset, she encourages individuals to break free from negative thought patterns and habits. Her compassion, combined with her extensive knowledge, makes her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to improve their overall well-being. With Keishna's support, you can unlock your full potential and embrace a healthier, happier life.

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